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Fairway, KS is one of the smallest cities in Johnson County, with 4000 residents and 1800 homes.  Despite its small size, several well traveled roads, such as Shawnee Mission Parkway, pass through the City of Fairway.  These roads are well patrolled by the Fairway Police Department which writes thousands of traffic tickets each year.  A Fairway citation can cause your insurance rates to rise significantly or may even lead to a driver's license suspension.

The traffic lawyers in our law firm can "fix" or amend many speeding and traffic tickets issued by the Fairway Police Department.  These amendments will usually result in us turning your ticket into a parking ticket which will not negatively affect your insurance rates or your driver's license status.

How Our Fairway Ticket Amendment Process Works:

We can amend most Fairway and Johnson County speeding tickets in just a few easy steps:

Step 1 -  Call us with your ticket and payment information:  The first thing we will need is the information from your ticket so we can enter an appearance on your behalf in the correct court, give you an estimate on what it will cost to represent you, and discuss the possible resolutions.  We accept cash, check, and credit cards for payment.  If you pay with a credit card over the phone, you can save yourself a trip to our office.  We will then send you a letter confirming our representation on the ticket

Step 2 -  We will call the Fairway Municipal Court and enter an appearance on your behalf:  When we enter an appearance on your ticket, you will no longer need to appear in Court, rather we appear on your behalf.  In most cases, the Fairway Municipal Court Clerk will set your ticket on an "attorney plea docket" which is a separate court date.

Step 3 - We appear as scheduled, discuss your case with the Fairway Municipal Prosecutor, and pay the Court for your ticket amendment: We will then appear on your behalf and negotiate an advantageous resolution with the prosecutor.  Once we have agreed on terms, we will pay the Fairway Court Clerk

Step 4 - We will send you a letter confirming the amendment and include a receipt from the Fairway Municipal Court:  The final step involves us sending you a letter confirming your ticket amendment, along with a receipt from the Court which will show that your fines are paid and the case is concluded.  

In most cases, our law firm's ticket amendment process really is this easy!

Fairway driving under the influence (DUI) Representation:

This law office also represents people charged with DUI (driving under the influence) in Fairway and throughout Johnson County. 

If you have been charged with a Fairway DUI, it is extremely important that you act fast to protect your rights and hire an experienced Johnson County DUI lawyer. 

In most Kansas DUI cases, you only have 10 business days from the date of your arrest to request an administrative hearing or your license will be automatically suspended for a period between 30 days and life, depending on your driving history.

All DUI convictions in Fairway Municipal Court or any other Johnson County court call for mandatory jail time, even for first time offenders.  We may be able to help some charged with and Fairway DUI avoid jail time through a diversion, a successful DUI trial in Fairway Municipal Court or Johnson County District Court, or through an advantageous plea agreement utilizing the CWIP class.

This law office has experience in handling all types of DUI cases in Fairway Municipal Court and Johnson County District Court.  Whether you are wanting to fight the case through trial or limit your exposure by cutting a deal call us for a free consultation on your Fairway DUI case.

Every case is unique, so  call us today at 913 764-5010 to discuss your Fairway DUI case.

For more in-depth information about retaining an Johnson County DUI lawyer, go to: http://www.johnsoncountydui.com


Frequently asked questions about Fairway, KS & Johnson County speeding & traffic tickets:

Q.  Why should I amend my Fairway or Johnson County Traffic Ticket?

A.  There are 2 main reasons to amend a Fairway speeding/traffic citation. 

First, an citation amendment will keep your insurance rates from rising as a result of the ticket.  Even if you have a clean driving record, just one ticket from any city in Johnson County could cost you thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums.  This is because you may lose your "good driver" discount which is anywhere from 5% to 40% depending on the insurance company.  We have had folks call us who say their premiums TRIPLE as a result of pleading guilty to just ONE citation.  The only way you will know how much your rates will go up is to wait and see, when it may be too late for a ticket amendment.

Second, a ticket "fix" will prevent the traffic ticket from negatively affecting your driving record.  Kansas is not a "points" state, but rather uses a classification system for determining whether a traffic violation can trigger a driver's license suspension.  This classification system relies on a person's driving record to determine whether a suspension is warranted.  However, some citations can trigger a driver's license suspension, even for folks with a clean driving record.  This makes amending your ticket crucial to insuring your ability to drive.

Q.  How much will it cost to have you represent me?

A.  We can only offer a quote once we have your ticket information  There are essentially two component to the total price of a ticket amendment - the court's fine/costs and our fee.  Both of these will depend on the circumstances surrounding your ticket.

Q.  My driver's license was suspended when I was pulled over in Fairway - can you help? 

A.  We may be able to secure an amendment or diversion for your Fairway driving while suspended charge, but we will have to discuss the matter and your driving record in depth before we can offer an guidance on possible resolutions.  Call us today at 913-764-5010 to talk to one of our attorneys about your case.

Q.  Can I get a hardship driver’s license in Kansas or Missouri?
Kansas laws do not allow the issuance of a hardship license, that would allow a person to drive during the length of their suspension, revocation, cancellation or
disqualification period.  Missouri law does allow for hardship licenses in certain instances.  Call us to evaluate your unique case.

Q.  I went through a period of time where I racked up a bunch of tickets.  This is hurting my ability to get a license.  Is there anything a Johnson County traffic law office can do to help me get my driving privileges back?

In many cases, the answer is yes - we can help you get your Kansas driver's license.  We specialize in "hard cases" that some traffic attorneys in Fairway and Johnson County are unwilling to take.  We can help you in several ways. 

First, if there are tickets that haven't been paid, we can enter appearances on those cases and attempt to amend or "fix" any moving violations you have pending. 

Second, if past tickets are going to be or are the cause of a driver's license suspension, then we may be able to vile a "motion to withdraw plea," where we can actually "undo" the tickets you've paid in the past.   

Q.  Can you offer a guarantee that you can fix my ticket? 

A.  No attorney can ever guarantee results.  However, once we have discussed the circumstances of your Fairway ticket, we should be able to discuss the likelihood of an amendment for your ticket.




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