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SR-22 requirements can be extremely tough to comply with and can turn into a major headache for drivers.  Our Johnson County traffic lawyers/attorneys have expereince dealing with SR-22 requirements and can help you comply with the statute or avoid the requirement altogether.  Call us at (913)764-5010 today to speak to one of our Kansas traffic lawyers about your traffic situation today!

KSA 40-3118 is the statute that requires the filing of a “SR-22," which is essentially a "proof of insurance" form.  Whenever the Kansas Department of Revenue's division of motor vehicles receives notice of non-compliance with the State’s requirement to maintain financial security on a motor vehicle as directed in KSA 40-3118 (a), the division will require the filing of an SR-22 pursuant to KSA 40-3118.

The requirement of an SR-22 filing can be triggered by various Johnson County, KS traffic citations/tickets, including the following: 

  1. A Johnson County Sheriff's, Kansas Highway Patrol trooper's, or Johnson County police officer's filing of a "DC-66."  This is a form sent in to the Kansas Department of Revenue due to the failure of a motorist to provide proof of insurance during a traffic stop.  If the driver does not provide proof of insurance to the department within the time prescribed by KSA 40-3118(e), then an SR-22 requirement will be enforced.  See KSA 40-3104(d), KSA 40-3118 (e)(d).
  2. A Conviction in Johnson County District Court or any of the municipal courts of Johnson County, of any violation listed under theHabitual Violator Statute (KSA 8-285) (KSA 40-3118(d).
  3. A driver's license suspension, resulting from failure to comply with this statute's requirements to maintain evidence of insurance (KSA 40-3118(d).
  4. Failure to provide evidence of financial security (automobile insurance) as a result of an automobile accident in Johnson County or elsewhere in Kansas, as required by KSA 40-3104, and KSA-40-3118(e)(d).
It is easy to see that your Johnson County SR-22 case requires representation from an experienced Johnson County traffic attorney.  Call us at (913)764-5010 today to speak to one of our Olathe law office's traffic lawyers!

Frequently asked questions about Johnson County & Kansas SR-22 cases:

Q.  Can an SR-22 requirement lead to the suspension of my Kansas driver's license?

A.  Yes. There are License Suspension penalties for a violation of KSA 40-3118 in Johnson County or elsewhere in Kansas. These license suspension penalties are found in KSA 40-3118(e), which states in part:

"Whenever the division of motor vehicles receives notice of non-compliance with the States requirement to maintain continuous financial security on a motor vehicle, as required under KSA 40-3118 (a) discussed above, (after sending the required notices as outlined in KSA 40-3118(e)), the division will suspend or revoke the driving privileges of the owner. This revocation will remain in effect until satisfactory proof of insurance has been filed with the director as required in KSA 40-3118(d and the appropriate reinstatement fees have been paid. (KSA 40- 3118(f))."

Please keep in mind that the registered owner of the vehicle involved in the Johnson County auto accident, as well as the driver of a uninsured vehicle involved in an automobile accident is subject to license suspension under KSA 40-3104 (h)(1)(A)(B).

Q.  How long will I have to have an SR-22 as a result of my Johnson County or Kansas traffic case?

A.  The length of an SR-22 requirement cannot be determined on the Internet as there are a number of factors that come into play when calculating time requirements.  In general, if a license is suspended by the department for non-compliance of any of these sections of KSA-40-3118, the division will require that an SR-22 “proof of insurance filing” be maintained for a period of twelve (12 ) continuous months as described in KSA 40-3118(d). This requirement applies whether or not such person owns a motor vehicle. KSA 40-3118(d).

Q.  How much does it cost to retain one of your Johnson County traffic attorneys regarding my SR-22 requirement?

A.  We cannot quote rates over the Internet, so please contact us at (913)764-5010 to speak to one of our Johnson County traffic attorneys about your case today.




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